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Andreas Hettich GmbH is de toonaangevende Duitse producent van laboratorium centrifuges/bloedcentrifuges, incubatoren, -86°C vriezers en heeft ook apparaten voor laboratoriumautomatisering. Het bedrijf is beroemd om de hoge kwaliteit van de producten.

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"Innovation based on tradition.

Hettich is known throughout the world as a manufacturer of high-quality centrifuges. Indeed, our centrifuges are used beyond the globe in the International Space Station. Most of our centrifuges, however, are used in medical laboratories, research institutes and in industrial labs. Laboratory personnel value Hettich equipment because of its long service life, good design and ergonomics. Our centrifuges have been proven in use for more than 100 years.

 Creative and individual: Hettich centrifuges and laboratory equipment
Hettich is different: We make everything ourselves. We carry out our own research and development, design our equipment, make prototypes, tools, rotors, casings and manufacture the centrifuges and accessories in Tuttlingen. Our personnel constantly develop innovative special solutions for our customers. There are currently almost 20 models in our centrifuge range, with numerous variants, from the small manual centrifuge through to high-performance floor-standing models for large laboratories. Hettich will develop solutions to meet requirements that its standard models do not satisfy. The needs of the customer are always our priority. Our personnel are highly trained and can respond rapidly and individually to every situation. Their innovative, dynamic spirit is reflected in the laboratory equipment we manufacture.

 Experience and innovation: A tradition at Hettich
Hettich started to make medical instruments back in 1904. The founder of the company, Andreas Hettich, set the company on the right path through brave decisions and a good understanding of market requirements. The first Hettich centrifuges were developed in 1908 and were marketed with outstanding success. The company then focused on the manufacture and development of user-oriented centrifuges."