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MPC 225/225

The MPC type 225/225 has two compartments of 250 liters and is available as standard per compartment as an incubator, cooled incubator or refrigerator. The MPC is delivered with 4 stainless steel shelves. The cabinet has a unique alarm system (red and green LED light on the front of the cabinet). Every model can be adapted to customer specific requirements. The interior is completely stainless steel, easy to clean and all models can be combined in a total wall arrangement with a floor to ceiling finish.





Outside dimensions: 710 x 885 x 2010 mm (w x d x h)

Contents: 2x 250 liters

Available exterior/interior: RAL 9016/stainless steel or stainless steel/stainless steel

Homogeneity & stability: according to DIN12880 < 0.5°

CompartmentTemperature rangeEnergy consumption
Incubator 225I KT +8°C to 65°C0,026 at 37°C
incubator 225R
+4°C to 65°C0,026 at 37°C
Fridge 225C+4°C to 15°C0,125 at 4°C



Fields of Application


  • Microbiological research.
  • Stability testing. 
  • Short and long-term storage of materials. 
  • Aging studies. 

Some options

  • Glass exterior door. 
  • Adjustable ventilation. 
  • Transit ports. 
  • Second temp. controller with time clock. 
  • Temperature cycle. 
  • Multiple PT100s for registration purposes.
  • Door alarm.
  • Acoustic alarm.
  • Customized drawers.
  • Built in wall sockets
  • Console.
  • Wheels.

Article numbers

MPC225/225I - 1000.1201 (RAL 9016) 

MPC225/225R - 1000.1401 (RAL 9016) 

MPC225/225C  - 1000.1101 (RAL 9016) 

MPC225/225I  - 1000.1202 (st.steel)

MPC225/225R -  1000.1402 (st.steel)

MPC225/225C  - 1000.1102 (st.steel)




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