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EBA 200 centrifuge package deal



Special promotional price for the complete set:
EBA 200 with integrated rotor (8-places)
and incl. adapters. Details: see flyer

Action code: C11035

Content full action click here

Action runs until 1 May 2022





Need equipment but a limited budget? We have a
number of a number of products in stock and can 
at a favourable price. Ask your account manager
for the details and price. 

MemmertIncubator IF30
MemmertUniversele stoof 300-UNB
MemmertOliebad met dakdeksel ONE22/L1
MemmertCooled incubator IPP260
HettichUniversal 32R koelcentrifuge (1610)
SmegGW1050 glassware washer
LiebherrKoelkast prof. FKUV1610
GramBioPlus RF1400
HelmerDH2 plasma ontdooibad 
HelmerHLR125 laboratory refrigerator
ErlabHalo Sense VOC
HettichMHR 23 Thermomixer
HettichHettCube 400R met ledplateau
HettichMikro centrifuge 185
SystecRVS tafel 66 x 66x 80 cm 






HEKB incubators available from stock

- type HEKB 600 R
- capacity 566 liters
- w x d x h = 710 x 815 x 2000 mm
- including 4 closed shelves & adjustable feet

Promotion code: C11022
Details complete promotion click here

(subject to availability)

Free consumables pack when buying the Suez Purite 160



Get a free consumables pack worth 
€ 1.893,00 when buying a Suez Purite 160*. 

*Content full promotion deal  click here

Action runs until 25 June 2022


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