HETTCUBE 400 | 400 R


HETTCUBE 400 | 400 R


With its volume and wide range of accessories the HettCube 400 incubator is well suited for all pharmaceutical, research and industrial applications.

This unit is also available with refrigeration and a temperature range from 0 °C to +65 °C (HettCube 400 R).

Facts & Numbers


310 l

199 l

3 (2 Standard + 1 HTS)

0.046 kWh/h

710 x 825 x 1,425 mm

Cat. No.: 64000 | 64005

Fields of Application

Clinical Microbiology, Clinical Monitoring

Clinical specimen taken from patients or obtained in the course of hygienic monitoring of hospitals are incubated to identify bacteria, fungi, and yeast.

Industry and Research

In many fields microbiological examination is required. Food has to be monitored as well as drinking water or water from waterbodies. Cosmetic products have to be monitored, too. In research labs bacteria are grown for genetic tests or tests in molecular biology.


  • Microbiological labs
  • Hospital labs
  • Pharmaceutical labs
  • Food analyzing labs
  • Scientific labs in universities
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Food and beverage
  • Agricultural industry
  • Life Science

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Parameters for continuous cooling operation

Hettich offers an alternative operating mode in its cooled incubators for special applications where low temperatures below 15°C are required over long periods. This ensures high temperature homogeneity and temperature stability. At the same time, the unit's compressor is better protected, which contributes to a longer service life of the unit and a reduction in energy consumption. Temperatures between +1°C and +5°C usually lead to icing of the cooling unit during continuous operation. If the cooling unit is briefly warmed up once a day, ice formation is reliably prevented. For this purpose, a DeFrost program can easily be created by the user with the help of the touch screen.


1. Unit cools down to the individual temperature of the customer: in this example first segment to +1°C
2. The cooling unit is briefly heated up: in this example second segment to +10°C for the duration of 1 minute
3. The device remains in stand-by mode: in this example third segment for 3 minutes
4. The unit cools down to an intermediate temperature, this must be 2°C above the set temperature: in this example fourth segment 3°C for Duration of 1 minute


Cat. No.: 60526

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Hettich Telescope System (HTS)

The Hettich Telescope System, which fits in all three incubator sizes, allows the internal space of the HettCube to be used optimally. Telescopic rails make it easy to work and permit use of the entire surface area. Even samples that are way in the back can be easily reached.

The trays, drawers, holders and rails are separate components. You just hang the rails in the grids of the holders and put in the tray or drawer of your choice.                   

Tray pulls out up to 70 %.


Cat. No.:  60031 (Standard tray)

Differents sets are available.

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Rack for Petri dishes

The new Petri dish rack allows large numbers of cultures to be processed quickly and economically. The rack has been specially developed to make the handling of Petri dishes easier. Made of stainless steel, autoclavable.

Advantages for the user in:

  • Space-saving
  • Easy handling
  • Clear layout


Usable for:

90 Petri dishes per rack (Ø 90 mm)
2 racks per pair of rails = 180 dishes                 

HettCube 200

HettCube 400

HettCube 600

 360 Petri dishes

 900 Petri dishes

1800 Petri dishes

Cat. No.: 60040 (Rack for Petri dishes, also with HTS available)    

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Process large sample quantities conveniently and economically.

With an inclination angle of 5°, the slide-in units are ideally suited for the Loewenstein method. The racks are made of high-quality stainless steel and are autoclavable.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • optimal space utilization
  • convenient handling
  • better temperature transfer of the samples because the samples are directly on the insert


Optimum use of space:

81 tubes (diameter 15 - 20 mm, length 160 mm) per insert

HettCube 200HettCube 400HettCube 600
6 racks = 486 tubes16 racks = 1296 tubes18 racks = 1782 tubes


Cat. no.: 60041 (also available with HTS)

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Frame L & XL

These flexible racks simplify handling, save time and enable the use of 16 tubes for different slant angles with 5° or 20°. The slant angle of the tubes can be very easily changed without the need for tools. 

To use for:

  • Tube diameter: 15-20 mm
  • Tube lengths: 100-125 mm or 126- 170 m

Made of stainless steel, autoclavable.


Cat. No.:

Frame L: 60027

Frame XL: 60028

06 / 09

Passive Dehumidification

Passive Dehumidification has been developed to reduce humidity quickly and specifically and to avoid condensation inside the incubator. The integrated ventilation opening on the incubator rear wall can be opened or closed manually or time-controlled via the touch control panel. For best results, the ambient temperature should be at least 5°C below the incubator's target temperature when using this option. At the same time, a higher relative humidity in the interior compared to the incubator environment creates optimal conditions.


Cat. No.: 60042

07 / 09

Glass door

No additional inner door!

The glass door enables users to check on their cultures without opening the door. The well-conceived air-guiding system makes this possible.


Cat. No.: 

HettCube 200: 60013

HettCube 400: 60029

HettCube 600: 60030

08 / 09


On the back of the device Hettich is offering as additional option a 4-place socket strip, which is controllable as a unit via display.

Cat. No.: 60521

09 / 09

Service: Changing the door hinge

Incubators can be ordered directly from the factory with this service with a left-hinged door.

Cat. No.: 60044




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