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Automatic Aspiration system

The automatic aspiration system (AA 02/04, AA24) is made for the controlled aspiration of liquids from tissue culture flasks, cuvettes, tubes, microtiter plates, petri dishes or roller bottles. The bottles of the automatic system are also autoclavable. The vacuum pump can also be used to carry out filtrations. The unit automatically stops when the vacuum switch has reached the desired vacuum. 



  • Dimensions of pump housing: 170 mm x (l) x 220 mm (w) x 160 mm (h)
    excl. tube holder (225 mm incl. tube holder).
  • Electr. power: 100 W.
  • Electr. connection: 230 V, 50/60 Hz (optionally available in 115 V.)
  • Type AA 02/04 comes standard with membrane vacuum pump,
    1 bottle of 2 liters or 4 liters with quick connection, 1x 3m hose with HEPA filter
    and required closures for the bottle, handle with accessories:
    Luer Lock 90° angle adapter, 1x  adapter for a diameter of 6,6 mm hose
    en 1x adapter for a 6 mm hose, 1 Luer Lock metal connector
    with hose to connect optional accessories.
    Note: type AA 24 is supplied with 1 extra handle (with accessories) and a Y-distributor.
  • Hoses can be shortened as desired.
  • Weight 5.5 kg. 

Article numbers

  • AA 02 (2l bottle) - 981323101
  • AA 04 (4l bottle) - 981323001
  • AA 24 (4l bottle, 2 handles) - 981323201




Aspirate liquids from:

  • cuvettes;
  • tissue culture flasks;
  • microtiter plattes;
  • nursery bottles;
  • tubes;
  • petri dishes.

It can also be used for filtration. 

Accessories (AA 02/04, AA24)

  • 8-channel adapter made of stainless steel (article number 100210059)
  • 4-channel adapter made of stainless steel (article number 100210060)
  • 8-channel plastic adapter (article number 800015600)
  • Adapter for pipette tips (article number 800013600)
  • 1-channel adapter made of stainless steel, 60 mm (article number 800013300)
  • 1-channel adapter made of stainless steel, 150 mm (article number  800013400)
  • 1-channel adapter made of stainless steel, 200 mm (article number 800013500)
  • Handle holder, stainless steel  (article number 800050700)
  • Foot switch (article number 800014000)

Accessories (AA 02/04, AA24)

  • Power cord for Switserland (article number 200080015)
  • Power cord for U.K. (article number 200080013)
  • Safety filters (packed per 3 pieces) (article number 800015800)
  • Y piece for hose connection (articlel number 800015900)

Expansion set AE & AK

Suction systems  AE & AK for connection to existing vacuum system.

Simple aspiration system components (AE): 2 or 4 liter bottle incl. quick connection couplings, filters, ventilation insert & 3m silicone hose. 

Simple aspiration system components (AK): bottle of 2 or 4 liters incl. quick connection couplings, filters, ventilation insert and 3m silicone hose, bottle holder.

Article numbers:

800015400 - AE 02 - extraction system with 2 liter bottle.
800015500 - AE 04 - extraction system with 4 liter bottle.
800014800 - AK 02 - extraction system with 2 liter bottle.
800014900 - AK 04 - extraction system with 4 liter bottle.


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